Seal of the Aland Islands Featured on Stamp

02 Nov 2018  Fri

The Stamps featuring the Seal of the Aland Islands is one of the first stamps of the country which is part of a set of six definitive stamps issued by the Aland Post.

Postal operations in Aland dates back to 1638 when the conveyance of mail started during the period of Swedish reign. It was not until 1866 that the post office in Mariehamn was added to the original two post offices in Kastelholm and Eckerö. As part of the Grand Duchy of Finland, postal operations in Aland fell under the Russian Empire as of 1809. The first Åland stamps were issued in 1984. The stamps were issued by the Finnish postal administration, ‘Post och Tele’.

As a part of the first definitive series, the seal stamp is an eye-catching stamp. Issued on 1st March, the seal stamp comes with the denomination 10 Finnish Markka. The stamp features a seal on the right part of the stamp which forms a perfect contrast with the light brown background. The seal depicts a crowned goddess sitting holding an axe in right hand. The name of the country is seen on the top left corner and the value in the bottom left the corner.

The stamp is one among the six stamps issued on 1st March 1984. The set includes three stamps depicting different ships, one depicting flag and the other featuring the map of the Islands.

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