Burundi's Special Christmas Issue of 1979

01 Nov 2018  Thu

The Christmas of 1978 was a very special Christmas for the Burundi Post. A set of 5 extraordinary stamps were issued in February 1979.

A set of five stamps issued by Burundi Post had a special theme. Known as "Virgin and Child" series, the series was comprised of five stamps featuring the paintings of Mary and Jesus painted by famous painters.

The 13 Burundian franc stamp was based on the painting of Belgian Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens.
The stamp of 17 Burundian francs depicts the painting of Italian Painter Solario.
The 27 Burundian francs stamp shows the painting of Venetian painter Tiepolo.
The stamp with the denomination of 31 Burundian francs features the painting of Netherlandish painter Gerard David and
The stamp with the highest denomination of 40 Burundian francs has the painting of Italian Renaissance painter Bellini.

The stamps feature the paintings with the central theme of Virgin Mary and Jesus in the centre and inscribed with “NOEL (CHRISMAS) 1978” at the top and “REPUBLIQUE DU BURUNDI” at the bottom. The denomination value can be seen on the left.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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