Kuntala Janapada 3 Shana

01 Nov 2018  Thu

The word ‘Janapada’ is derived from Sanskrit words ‘Janas’ and ‘Pada’. One understanding is that The word ‘Janas’ means ‘People’ and the word ‘Pada’ means ‘Foot’; and hence the word Janapada could mean; ‘foothold of the tribes’. While the dictionary meanings indicate that the Janapada's were the empires, inhabited country, mankind or nation. Later, Janapadas became the major realms republics or kingdoms of Vedic India.

Kuntala Janapada was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas of ancient India. Today, Kuntala Janapada includes the region of the Southern part of Maharashtra and northern part of Karnataka.

The mention of Kunatala Janapada is also found in ‘Markandeya Purana’. According to the ‘Markandeya Purana’ Kuntala Janapada is listed under the country of Madhya Desha. During the ancient times, Kuntala region was also ruled by Nanda Dynasty.

This 3 Shan which belongs to the Kuntala Janapada weighs around 3.2g. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Pulley’. This coin was sold for INR 17,000 in an Oswal Auction.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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