New 50 and 500-krone Notes of Norway

30 Oct 2018  Tue

Norges Bank released new 50- and 500-krone banknotes on 18th October. On 30th May 2017, new 100- and 200-krone notes were released to introduce the bank’s latest series. New 50- and 500-krone banknotes are the third and fourth issues in the series. New 1,000-krone notes will be released by the end of 2019 to complete the series. Existing notes of the same denominations would be circulated for one year.

The common theme for all five notes in the new series is “Sea”, as it’s a vital part of the country’s business and economic growth. The 50-krone note design highlights “the sea that binds us together”, while the 500-krone note design symbolises “the sea that gives us prosperity.”

The obverse of the new 50-krone note features the Utvær Lighthouse in Solund which was built in 1900. Norway has 21,000 lighthouses which are a part of an infrastructure for safer sailing. The reverse features a beacon from a lighthouse. The short rectangular forms and waves indicate light wind. Ursa Major constellation is depicted above.

The obverse of the new 500-krone note features the rescue ship RS 14 Stavanger. Built by the popular ship-builder Colin Archer, the ship was launched in 1901. Currently preserved as a museum ship, it served in the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue for 37 long years. 40 rescue ships of the society offer assistance 24 hours a day currently. The reverse features an oil platform to highlight the importance of the oil and gas industries in Norway. A gas pipeline network and a fossil are also featured. The right-hand corner of all notes in the series features the head of an Atlantic puffin which is also a part of the watermarks along with the value.

Image Courtesy: Norges Bank

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