75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union

30 Oct 2018  Tue

The 75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union commemorative stamps are the most beautiful stamps of the state of Bahawalpur.

Founded in 1690 by Bahadur Khan II, the princely state of Bahawalpur used the postage stamps of British India until 1945. On 1 January 1945, it issued its own stamps. In October 1949 Bahawalpur issued a set of 4 beautiful stamps to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union.

The stamps were issued with 4 denominations of 9 Pakistani pies, 1 Pakistani anna, 1½ Pakistani anna and 2½ Pakistani annas. The stamps depict an earth surrounded by allegory of post with “BAHAWALPUR” inscribed Arabic at the top and Roman at the bottom flanked by the denomination in both Roman and Arabic.

After this the state adopted Pakistani stamps for external mail. Bahawalpur stamps continued to be valid for internal mail until 1953.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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