Austria Post celebrated 300 years of Viennese Porcelain

30 Oct 2018  Tue

In 1718, Viennese porcelain Manufactory called the Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur was established in Vienna’s Alsergrund district. To celebrate the 300 years of Viennese Porcelain, a commemorative stamp is issued. It is also the first time that Austria Post has issued a stamp in the denomination of EUR 4.20.

The stamp's design features a printed classic Baroque style teacup with painted embellishment. It’s a great specimen of craftsmanship for the antique collectors and also for subject stamp collectors. The Porcelain is famous for its delicates and intrinsic designs. It’s the second oldest manufactory of porcelain in Europe after Meiben. Viennese Porcelain is also called white gold.

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