John Tyler Commemorative Coin

29 Oct 2018  Mon

John Tyler was born on 29th March 1790 in Charles City County, Virginia. He completed his graduated from the College of William and Mary, studied law and served for five years in the Virginia assembly. He had served his country as 10th president of United States from the year 1841-1845. He was the first vice-president; He took the charge of the office as the president after the death of President William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) who passed away from pneumonia after just a month in the White House. In the year 1861 when the civil war about to start in America, he chaired peace conference in Washington D.C to preserve the Union and later when civil war broke out in the same year; he voted in the favour of Virginia seceding from the United States. He was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives, but before he could take his seat, Tyler died at age 71 on January 18, 1862, in Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy.

The United States of America had issued this one dollar commemorative coin to honour him with his portrait on the obverse side of the coin.

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