First Stamp of Botswana Features an Abattoir

26 Oct 2018  Fri

Issued on 30th September 1966, a 5 Botswana cent stamp features one of the most important yet unusual constructions of the country (an abattoir at Lobatsi).

Lobatsi a town in South-Eastern Botswana is an important city as well as an administrative district that housed the biggest construction of the country. The Lobatsi Abattoir (slaughterhouse) is an iconic infrastructure that not only produces food but also generates employment.

The first stamp issue of Independent Botswana depicts such iconic construction of Botswana which is the identity of the country. This huge structure is featured on the 5 Botswana cents stamp which depicts an image of the Building in the centre. The stamp is inscribed with “INDEPENDENCE 1966” along with the denomination at the top and “THE ABATTOIR, LOBATSI” and “BOTSWANA” at the bottom.

The other three stamps in the set feature National Assembly building, Botswana National Airways and the State House in Gaborone. Image Courtesy:

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