Princely State of Beri

25 Oct 2018  Thu

The state of Beri was under Bundelkhand agency during British Raj. It was under the direct control of Central Province. It was founded in 18th century by Diwan Acharju Singh. It is located near Betwa River today in Utter Pradesh.

This state became a protectorate of British in 1809 during the reign of Rao Jugal Prasad. This state-issued fiscal stamps for tax collection like the other Princely state during British Raj. These stamps were used as a fee bill or proof that bill is paid in the government units of the state.

The ruler of this state belongs to the Bundela clan of the 'Ponwar' line of Rajputs. They used the title of ‘Diwan' but in 1945 they took the title of ‘Raja'.The Princely State of Beri joined the Independent Union of India on 1st January 1950.

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