Oubangui-Chari-Tchad Stamp

25 Oct 2018  Thu

Oubangui-Chari, or Ubangi-Shari, was a French territory in central Africa. It followed the establishment of the Bangui outpost in 1889 and was named in 1894.

The Oubangui-Chari territory was merged with the Chad colony in 1906. In 1910, it became one of four territories of the Federation of French Equatorial Africa, (with Chad, Middle Congo, and Gabon), initially with Chad as "Oubangi-Chari-Tchad".

For almost five years Chad was using the stamps with the overprint of "Oubangi-Chari-Tchad" until Oubangi-Chari was made into an autonomous civilian colony in 1915. This two-cent stamp is a multicoloured stamp depicting a tiger in attack position hiding behind bushes.

The stamp is inscribed with “MOYEN CONGO” at the bottom in the horns, “POSTE” on the left and “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” at the top. The denomination bracket is at the top right corner. The overprint in black reads “OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD”.

Chad was separated in 1920 and became an independent state in 1960.

Image Courtesy: https://upload.wikimedia.org

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