Highlights of Imperial Auction

24 Oct 2018  Wed

On 21st October 2018, imperial Auctions commenced an online auction. It consists some the rarities for the numismatic world. This lot consists specimen from ancient to republic India. One of the impressive specimens that were auction is the copper coin of Ranjanya Janapada, it went for the esteemed price of INR 75,000 to 100000. The next is the silver rupee of Bijapur issued in Kam Bakhs reign sold for INR 55000.

This auction also held gold coin of Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. The hundred rupee banknote of British Indian also went for pretty exclusive price. The gold dinar of Gupts King Chandragupta II was also an auction. There was also a silver drachm from Vaiyamaks Janapada which went for some esteemed price of INR 25000 to 30000.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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