23 Oct 2018  Tue

In the year 1996, the second International Crop Science Congress was conducted in New Delhi from 17th to 24th of November, with the theme of ‘Crop Productivity and Sustainability. The International Crop Science Congress was first organized in the year 1992, it was held in Ames, Iowa. It was decided that it will be held once every four years at various location around the world. Every year this event take place with a different theme which focuses on the different area; the scientist and scholars from all over the world participate in this.

To celebrate the event the Indian government had issued this 5 rupees commemorative coin with the theme of International Crop Science Congress. The obverse of this coin depicts the globe with crop all over it, the globe is encircled by the corn on the bottom side and ‘double helix structure of DNA inside the gene’ on the top; the inscription ‘Dwitiya Antarashtriya Fashal Vignyan Congress’ in Devanagari on the left half of the periphery and ‘2ND INTERNATIONAL CROP SCIENCE CONGRESS-1996’ on the right half of the periphery. The reverse side of the coin depicts ‘Ashoka Lion’ in the centre with the inscription ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and the value ‘5’ below, the inscription ‘Bharat Rupaye’ and ‘India Rupee’ is written on the left and right side of the coin.

Image Courtesy: Colnect.com

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