1871 'Trencito' Issue of Peru

22 Oct 2018  Mon

Known as the first commemorative stamp of Peru, the 1871 'Trencito' Issue is the most fascinating and attractive stamp.

In later months of the year 1869 an order was placed for special stamps to be used by the railroad mail system between Lima, Callao & Chorrillos. The occasion was the 20th anniversary commemoration (1851-1871) of the railroad system between these cities. Hence, a special 5 centavos stamp was issued on April 1971.

Known as El Trencito, this stamp has several distinctive features. Foremost is the fact that it was printed on a Lecoq machine, imported from Paris. The stamp depicts a left facing Railway Engine along with the coat of arms below it. Names of three cities i.e. Lima, Callao & Chorrillos are seen in the margins. And the bottom margin shows the denomination.

This stamp is falsely taken as the First Commemorative stamp of the world.

Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com

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