Magellanic Penguin Featured on New Coins from Falkland Islands

22 Oct 2018  Mon

Pobjoy Mint recently released a new coin featuring a Magellanic penguin. It is the fourth coin in its five-coin 2018 Penguin series for the Falkland Islands. All five coins in the series have a face value of 50-penny. They feature coloured head-shots of five different breeds of penguins found in the Falkland Islands. A collector’s album with the entire set of coins is also available. The album features pictures of king penguins and includes information on each breed. The obverse depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The 8 grams coin has a diameter of 27.3 millimetres and a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces. It can be purchased for $14.95 each.

The Falkland Islands is known as the penguin capital of the world. Magellanic penguins are found in the Falkland Islands during summers in September. During this time, they come back to the same burrow they had left a year back. The medium-sized breed has black backs and white abdomens. Adults have black and white bands on their heads, neck and breast. Two black bands can be seen on their chests, out of which, the lower one is shaped like an upside-down horseshoe.

Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint

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