E.E.F. Stamps of Jordan

20 Oct 2018  Sat

The E.E.F. postage stamps of Jordan are the first set of stamps issued in the country in the year 1920.

Postage stamps of Jordan offer visual evidence of a country‘s history as stamps are continuously produced for both internal and external consumption. E.E.F. Stamps are one of those extremely valuable stamps of Jordan historically and money wise.

Postal history of Jordan started with the use of the stamps of the Hashemite Arab Kingdom in King’s Faisal era between 1918 and 1920. The stamps depict the Arabic Calligraphy in the centre with Roman Inscription “Postage Paid” above and below and flanked by the Denomination both in Arabic and English. Initials E.E.F are at the top and bottom of the stamps which are flanked by the Numeral Denomination Value in English and Indo Arabic.

The initials E.E.F stands for Egyptian Expedition Forces. The stamps were issued in two different currencies i.e. Egyptian millieme and Egyptian piaster.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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