Austria's Embroidered Stamp Depicts Syrian Hat

18 Oct 2018  Thu

Austrian Post has issued an original stamp. This stamp is embroidered which depicts a Syrian Hat and is outstanding combination of Austria’s tradition and innovation.

This hat is an essential part of the Syrian suit and is a popular item of clothing. Designed by Hammerle and Vogel, this stamp is unique and worth philatelist’s attention. Every Syrian hat stamp requires 6600 needle insertions and 33 metres of embroidery thread.

The stamp is a beautiful cream colour stamp which forms a perfect contrast to the green Serian hat. The hat is in Special Syrian Green along with grey ruffle. The stamp comes with the denomination of 6.90 Euros. Name of the country is mention at the bottom of the stamp. The stamp depicts nothing except the hat, country name and the denomination.

This is the simplest yet prettiest stamp among the other off-bit stamps.

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