Highlights at the Christoph Gaertner Auction

16 Oct 2018  Tue

The Christoph Gaertner firm in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, will be auctioning a wide range of interesting postage stamps from 15th to 19th October.

One of the highlights is a strip of 1847 10¢ black George Washington stamps on a piece. It is rare to find multiples of these stamps. The offered stamps are well struck with a red grid cancel. It has wide margins on all sides along with the frameline at bottom right. It features bright intense shade and impression. A used strip of three of the 10¢ black has a market value of $10,000, and a used block of four has a market value of $75,000 approximately. The four-stamp strip will be offered at a starting bid of €2,000.

A mint example of the rare Saar 1920 20-mark brown King Ludwig III stamp is another highlight. The stamp was issued for Bavaria (Bayern). An overprint of four horizontal lines can be seen over the Bayern name. The text “SARRE” is seen over the king’s portrait. A lower right margin example of the same stamp with an extra “SAARE” overprint in the lower margin is also going to be offered with an opening bid of €160,000.

Image Courtesy: The Christoph Gaertner

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