Lord Ganapati on Thailand stamps

16 Oct 2018  Tue

Just last month India celebrated the arrival of Lord Ganesha on a larger scale; the enthusiasm in all the dveotee around the country is a sight to behold. The influence of the famous and beloved India deity is not just limited to Indian but many other countries have its influence. They have issued many stamps honouring commemorating this god of wisdom.

Thailand is one such country to issue a postage stamp depicting a portrait of Lord Ganapati. This stamp was issued in 2013 and was design by Chalermchai Kositpipat, National artist of the country. Thailand has also issued a bi-metallic coin of 10 baht in 2012 featuring lord on it.

Countries like Laos, Czech Republic and Nepal had also issued Lord Ganesh on their stamps. The bank of Indonesia issued a 20,000 rupiah note depicting Ganapati on it.

Image Courtesy: www.kisspng.com

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