The “Token from Her Majesty” Stamp

16 Oct 2018  Tue

The “Token from Her Majesty” stamp is an interesting stamp of Newfoundland issued in the year 1933.

The 5c violet stamp depicts A Token from Her Majesty presented to Sir Humphrey Gilbert by Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Humphrey Gilbert was an adventurer, explorer, member of parliament, soldier, and an early pioneer of the English colonial empire during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert contributed majorly in the expansion of the British Empire Territories. Hence, to recognize the service a token was awarded to Sir Humphrey Gilbert prior to his voyage of colonization. It was delivered to him by his brother, Sir Walter Raleigh, in March 1583. The token was made of beaten gold, with a pearl at the top. With the gift of the token, Queen Elizabeth I wished him good luck and a safe voyage.

The stamp depicts the anchor-shaped token in the centre flanked by the denomination numerals in the centre with words “ THE TOKEN FROM HER MAJESTY" below. Inscription “SIR HUMPHREY GILBERT” appears on the top along with the years “1583” and “1933”. At the bottom of the stamp appears the name of the country.

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