Bahamas Releases New $20 note with Improved Security Features

15 Oct 2018  Mon

Bahamas released new $20 on 27th September. These new bills are the third in the country’s CRISP (Counterfeit Resistant Integrated Security Product) Evolution series of bank notes. The current CRISP series of banknotes is being replaced by the CRISP Evolution series. Older notes will continue to circulate as legal tender and will be withdrawn slowly.

New notes have the same portrait of the first Bahamian governor-general - Sir Milo B. Butler. However, the new version is much more colourful with hues of magenta, pink, green, orange, blue, and yellow instead of charcoal, red, and green. Other elements on the obverse include a bougainvillea flower, a watermark of Butler, $20, a map of the islands of the Bahamas and the denomination in words and numbers. The reverse has a vertical design for the first time. It features an image of the tower at Festival Place, Nassau Harbor, Sir Sidney Poitier, Paradise Island bridges and the Bahamian coat of arms.

Printed by De La Rue, the note features exceptional security features such as its Active security thread on the reverse. The colours of the sand dollar and the number 20 in the thread change from light on dark to dark on light upon tilting the note. A colour-changing SPARK Orbital ink is also applied on the bird above Butler’s shoulder.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of the Bahamas

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