Highlights of Eric P. Newman Collection Part X Auction

12 Oct 2018  Fri

Part X of the Eric P. Newman Collection sale will be organised by Heritage Auction at Dallas Headquarters on 7th November. A wide range of interesting Banknotes from around the world would be offered during the auction.

Old Ming Dynasty issues, notes issued during the South American inflation period, Colonial American notes printed by Franklin, Continental Currency contemporary counterfeits with new varieties, notes issued during the American Anti-Slavery movement, Emperor Norton notes, and Missouri fur traders’ “Bon” scrip are some of the highlights. The finest known $5 1861 St. Louis Demand Notes are also something to watch out for.

The discovery engraver’s sample sheets with an Audubon running grouse are also offered. These items have been a part of the Newman Collection for 75 years, and most of them have never been auctioned publically. The collection has been put together over a period of 90 years and the collections from the sale would be donated to Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society for research operations.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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