Indian Flowers on stamps

12 Oct 2018  Fri

India, a country hailed as ‘Sujalam Suphalam’ in its National song, is a beautiful melange of flora, fauna and culturally diverse population! Having at least three major biodiversity hotspots, India has a variety of geographical zones which produce unique specimens of flowering plants. In an attempt to celebrate this floral variety, India Post had issued a set of 4 commemorative postage stamps on 1st July 1977. Let’s have a look at one of them:

Lotus: A 25 Paise stamp depicts our National flower, Lotus on it! Nelumbo nucifera, Indian lotus, Kamal or Padma is found growing in stationary water bodies likes ponds, lake etc. Naturally found in South East Asian countries, it is an aquatic herb that is sacred and has a deeply imbibed symbolism of Indian culture and philosophy. Lotus generally grows in shallow murky or fresh waters and has many uses apart from its aesthetic values. Cherished for their tranquil beauty, they are a delight to look at.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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