Copper Fulus of Jam Mir Khan II

12 Oct 2018  Fri

Las Bela is also known as Bela was an Indian Princely State which existed until 1955 AD in subsidiary alliance with British India. Later it was merged with into the Pakistan on 17th March 1948, and is presently situated on the southern coast of Baluchistan. The state derived its name from the ‘Las’ which signifies a Plan.

The State of Las Bela was founded in 1742 by Jam Ali Khan I. His descendants ruled Las Bela until 1955 when the state became part of West Pakistan. Coins were struck sporadically between 1860 to1870 AD.

Jam Mir Khan II ruled the Bela Pricely State from 1830 to 1869. The only coins, whichever appear to have circulated in the Las Bela state was copper Falus, struck at Bela mint. The obverse bears the words ‘Fulus Belah’ within dotted circle while reverse of a coin features the legend ‘Zarb Jam 84’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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