Banknote Stamp of Biafra

11 Oct 2018  Thu

On the occasion of the First Anniversary of Independence Biafra a secessionist state in West Africa issued a very unique stamp with a picture of a banknote on it.

This new and tiny state formed on 30 May 1967 celebrated the First Anniversary of its independence on 30th may 1968. On the occasion, Postal Department issued a set of four stamps. The most unique among them is 5 Biafran shilling stamp, depicting 1 pound banknote.

The Banknote was issued in the year 1968 and depicts Palm tree with the rising sun and Coat of arms of Biafra. The stamp depicts the banknote in the centre inscribed with “REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA” on the top and “1ST INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY MAY 30TH 1968” at the bottom. A coat of arms appears below the note flanked by flag of Biafra and the denomination of the stamp.

Other stamp depict a Fallen Soldier (1Biafran shilling), Help for Refugees (2'6Biafran shilling), and an Orphan (10Biafran shilling).

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