First Stamps of Independent Aruba

10 Oct 2018  Wed

Aruba has produced its own stamps since 1 January 1986, when it was granted internal autonomy within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Before 1986, Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles Postal Service and the head office was located at Willemstad, Curacao. The Postal Service of Aruba entered Aruba’s Status Aparte on January 1, 1986 as an independent postal service. To face the Status Aparte as an autonomous service, Aruba had to introduce its own stamps.

The first two series that were emitted on the 1st of January 1986 were a definite issue and Status Aparte issue. Both of them have a set four stamps but were designed by different artists.

Designed by Mr. Evelino Fingal, definite issue consists:
The 5c stamp depicts Traditional House of Aruba
The 30c stamp depicts a Snake
The 60c stamp depicts Water skier and
The 150c stamp depicts Watapana tree

Status Aparte issue was designed by Mr. Nigel Matthew. The four stamps in this group are:
The 25c stamp depicting Emblem of Aruba
The 45c stamp depicting Card from Aruba that shows the Aruba's position on a map of the Caribbean
The 55c stamp depicting National Anthem of Aruba and
The 100c stamp depicting Flag of Aruba

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