State of The Art ‘Ignite’ Security Device for Banknotes

10 Oct 2018  Wed

From 24th to 29th September, the 4th Mint and Print conference took place in Beirut, Lebanon. Central bank authorities from different countries got an opportunity to meet officials of paper mills, mints and printing companies during this international conference.

The Bank of Lebanon’s Cash Operations Department organised the event. Out of the 25 presentations, one was given by world-famous printing company, De La Rue. They shed light on their revolutionary invention in the field of banknote production called IGNITE. The liquid crystal security thread is made with a combination of colour-shifting material and optical microstructures. The security thread creates a unique effect of colour and movement which consumers can notice easily. Currently, the material is available in six patterns and three colour-shifting options. It can also be customised to include specific content.

Image Courtesy: De La Rue

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