Coinage of Jai Singh

10 Oct 2018  Wed

When British ruled India, many of the kingdoms came under their rule and these were known as the Princely States. Bajranggarh was one such Princely State amongst them.

Bajranggarh was a small state situated in the district of Gwalior. The mint epithet of Bajranggarh was Jainagar. All the coins which were minted in this mint were struck in the name of Maharaja Jai Singh and it bears the legend in Devnagari Script.

Depicted extremely rare silver is belong to the reign of Jai Singh. Todywalla Auctions sold this coin for INR 5,00,000. The obverse of a coin showed the Devanagari inscription ‘Yah Sikka Par Chhap Sri Aakbra Badshah ki hai, Janag (for Jainagar), that is this coin has the stamp of Akbar badshah Jainagar. Reverse of a coin bore the legend ‘Sri Raghav Paratap Pavan Putra Bal Payake’.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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