World Post Day

09 Oct 2018  Tue

Though, we are living in the age of new technologies but it is the Postal Service that has remained the largest mode of communication in India and around the world. To highlight the importance of postal service, every year 9th October is celebrated as the World Post Day. Its purpose is to remind the world about post’s role in the everyday lives.

From way back in history, people sent letters to each other. These were delivered by pigeons or birds but later messengers started delivering letters on foot or on horseback. This system was very expensive; hence it was only available for the royal and noble class. In the middle of 1600s the first postal system came into existence and mail services were made cheaper for the general population.

Whether it a farmer dispatching money to his son receiving education in a town or an army man sending letters to his family from the frontiers , postal services have always helped in uniting its population.

With the arrival of new modes of communication like emails, mobile phones and faxes etc the usage of traditional mailing services has reduced but it is still the primary source of communication in semi-urban and rural area.

The Post has delivered good to the world for centuries. As we mark World Post Day today, let encourage everyone to take a moment to appreciate our gallant postmen and postwomen for their daily dedication to delivering universal postal services for all in order to facilitate communication between all citizens.

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