Highlight of Todywalla Auction 119

09 Oct 2018  Tue

On 6th October Todywalla commenced an auction in the Chennai Coin Fair, this auction consists lots from Republic to ancient India many specimens from all over the world were also auctioned at this event. The highlight of this auction was the thousand rupees of Reserve Bank of India note signed by H.V.R.Lengar from the Bombay circle. This banknote was sold for INR 6, 50,000.

The second best highlight of this lot is the again a thousand Rupees note of King George V from around 1931. This note belongs to Bombay circle and was auctioned for INR 4, 00,000. Next specimen of this lot is the 2 Annas 8/2 & ½ Rupees of King George V consist the signature of M.M.S. Gubbay. This note was sold for the INR 3, 40,000.

There is a gold mohur of the Princely State of Nawanagar that went for INR1, 50,000. There is also a gold two Pound coin of King George VI that was sold for INR 1, 25,000. This lot had some fascinating collections that were sold for some superb price.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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