First Afghan Stamp to Portray a King

08 Oct 2018  Mon

In the year 1937 Afghanistan issued first stamp depicting a portrait of a king. Being a strict Muslim country, an image of a ruler himself could not be allowed on the stamps.

However, on 27th May 1937, Afghanistan issued the first stamp of the nation that featured a portrait of a king. The stamp was issued on the occasion of the 19th Independence Day of the country. The stamp was issued with the denomination 50 Afghan pul.

The stamp depicted two oval vignettes in the center. The left vignette portrays Independence Memorial and the right one has the portrait of the king Mohammed Nadir Shah. The stamp is inscribed with “POSTES AFGHANISTAN” at the bottom in roman where as the Arabic inscription at the top mentions “Afghan Pusht”.

Muhammad Nadir Shah was King of Afghanistan from 15 October 1929 until his assassination in November 1933. Previously, he served as Minister of War, Afghan Ambassador to France, and as a general in the military of Afghanistan.

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