Coinage of Bishen Singh

06 Oct 2018  Sat

Bundi is situated in the northwest part of Rajasthan. It was founded by the Chauhan Rajput, Rao Dewa in 1342 AD. The Rajputs of Bundi were called ‘Rao’ but they were later titled as ‘Raja’ by the Mughal. This state faced most oppression by the Maratha’s powers like Holkars and Sindhias till the 19th century. It came under British control in 1818 and remained so until 1947 AD.

This state has issued coins in both copper and silver metal. The coin stuck before the Mutiny of 1857 bears the name of the Mughal emperor's. The coins minted later bears the names of the British monarchs.

Bishen Sigh ruled the Bundi princely state from 1773 to 1821 AD. During the reign, he issued silver and copper coins both in the round and square shapes. These coins are found in the different denominations such as Nazarana Rupee, Rupee, Half Rupee, and Takka.

This silver square Nazarana Rupee was issued in the reign of Bishen Singh. This coin was issued in the name of Shah Alam II. The obverse of a coin showed the Persian legend ‘Sikka Mubarak Sahib e Qiran Sani …’ while the reverse of a coin depicted the Julus formula, mint name, RY, and Rayed umbrella symbol.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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