Silver Five Kori of Khengarji III

05 Oct 2018  Fri

The Indian Princely State of Kutch was located in the west of the Indian peninsula. The history of Kutch goes back to Dholavira, a famous Indus Valley Civilization site for trade and maritime activities. The Sanskrit word Kutch (earlier Cutch and now Kachchh) means a Tortoise. This peculiar shaped state on the western coast of India literally looks like a tortoise entering the sea and was the only Princely State of India to have a coastline!

Khengarji III was a progressive and one of the longest ruling Maharaja of Kutch Princely State. He ascended the throne in 1875 and ruled till 1942 AD. He issued silver and copper coins from Bhuj mint. These coins were struck in the denomination of Dokdo, Kori, and Trambiyo.

This Silver 5 Kori coin was issued in the reign of Maharaja Khengarji III jointly with the name of George V. The royal symbol, denomination, VS date, and mint name and a legend in the outer circle ‘Shri Khengarji Sawai Bahadur maharajadhiraja Mirja Mahara’ is illustrated on the obverse of this coin.

The reverse depicts a legend in Persian which reads ‘Qesare Hind George V Zarb Bhuj 1924’ within the floral scroll design.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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