Dull Rose 6c stamp of 1880

05 Oct 2018  Fri

On 10 to 12th October Daniel F Keller is going to conduct a marvellous suction which will consist 2000 lot of U.S., British and Worldwide stamps and Post history. The most stunning specimen from this lot is the 6c Dull Rose special printing stamp issued in 1880. The estimated price of this rare philatelic stamp is around 35,000 to 50,000 dollars.

The stamp features the portrait Abraham Lincoln, it was created by the American Banknote Company, the earlier specimen of this series was struck in 1879. Around 23 million of these banknote stamps were issued in black, blue, purple, magenta and red cancellations. Only 26 copied from this have survived.

The lot is without gum and features vibrant fresh colour, it also has full perforation all around it. This 6c Dull Rose stamp is in very fine condition and a best collectable for your collection.

Image Courtesy: USPhila.com

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