150th Stamp Anniversary Commemorative of Sri Lanka

04 Oct 2018  Thu

The year 2007 celebrated one of the most significant years in the history of Ceylon. On 1st April 1957, first postage stamp of the country was issued. Sri Lankan Post celebrated this event with the release of four new stamps.

The commemorative stamps issued on 1st April 2007 came with four different denominations that not only depict the legacy of Ceylonese Philately but also take a glimpse into the culture of the nation. The theme of the stamps was the “Mail Delivery Systems” which existed during the time.

The 5 Sri Lankan rupee stamp depicts the Six Pence stamp with the first shipment of postage stamps in the Background.
The 10 Sri Lankan rupee stamp features three stamps of the denomination 1 Shilling, 5 Pence and 10 Pence. The background depicts a typical Sri Lankan Mail Runner in traditional attire.
The 20 Sri Lankan rupee stamp show One Pence and Two Pence stamps with the Canoe Post in the background that shows a Canoe Rider wearing his traditional costume.
The 45 Sri Lankan rupee stamp exhibits the One Half Penny stamp along with the improved way mail transport system of Mail by Coach. The stamp shows a Horse carriage along with the rider and his two helpers.

Image Courtesy: https://lanka.com

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