Ceylon Tea 150th Anniversary – Commemorative Coin -2017

04 Oct 2018  Thu

Who doesn't love a nice hot cup of tea? In India, chai is more than just a cup of tea to start the day - the thick sweet drink is an integral part of the rhythm of life. Tea is India's most popular drink. The ritual of drinking chai transcends all boundaries, and roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs who serve it boiled up with spices, sugar and milk.

So to all those who can’t think to live without tea...Did you Ceylon i.e. Sri Lanka recently celebrated 150th anniversary of Tea? Well, in 2017 Sri Lanka celebrated the 150th anniversary of Ceylon tea in a series of events and memorabilia highlighting the taste, history, and innovations associated with tea production. Sri Lanka is remarkably suitable for growing a variety of teas. Seasonal differences across Sri Lanka bring forth an array of aromas, flavours, and colours.

Sri Lanka issued a Chromium Plated steel coin of 8.4 grams Ten rupees coin in 2017 to commemorate 150 Anniversary ofCeylon Tea. The coin specifications are as below:

Logo of Tea 150th Anniversary, “1867-2017? on top with Two Leaves and Bud on sides within circle. Spotted Ceylon Lion standing facing left with sword in right paw.”Ceylon Tea Symbol of Quality” in two lines; below large “150” in inner circle.

Large Numeral “10”.Rupees in Sinhala,English & Tamil.”Sri Lanka” in Sinhala at apex and in Tamil and English on left and Right.

So along with your cup of tea buy this commemorative coin too!

Image Courtesy: https://stampdigest.in/

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