A mail letter to Charleston for 7 cents fetched 20,000 dollars

03 Oct 2018  Wed

Today, Siegel Auctions is going to auction on the great philatelic collections from the William Gross exuberant collection. One of the specimens for the sale is an envelope sent from Charleston to Columbia in 1847. This letter contains the first stamp issued by the U.S government and a local Honour’s City Post stamp.

It represents a historical interest a time when the post service run on two tires. It was used for postage to carry mail from Charleston to Columbia. This letter contains a 2 cent Honour stamp and an extra fee that carried the letter to or from the Post office.

The letter is an auction for at least twice in later eighteen years, this time Siegel Auctions is biding is for at least 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.

Image Courtesy: postandcourier.com

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