Silver Tanka of Ghiyat al Din Azam

03 Oct 2018  Wed

One of the most prominent Sultan of Bengal Sultanate, Ghiyat al-Din Azam ruled the Ilyas Shahi dynasty for almost 21 years from 1389 to 1410 AD. He became a third Sultan to rule the Bengal Sultanate after overthrowing his father Sultan Sikandar Shah at the battle of Goalpara in 1390.

He established political relationships with the Ming Empire of China and conquered Kamarupa (Assam). He issued gold and silver coins during the reign. These coins are found in the denomination of Tanka and Double Tanka.

This silver Tanka of Ghiyat al Din Azam was issued from Hadrat Firuzabad mint. The obverse has Arabic legend ‘ghiyath al dunya wal din abu l muzaffar a azam shah ibn Sikandar shah ibn ilyas shah al sultan’. Reverse showed the legend ‘nasir Amir al mu minim ghawth al islam wal muslimin khallada mulkahu’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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