Annie Besant

01 Oct 2018  Mon

Annie Besant was born on 1st October 1847 in Calpham London to parents of Irish roots. She was instrumental in helping to start the first trade unions in London and later became a great social reformer of India.

She was an outstanding speaker of her time, a supporter of human freedom, educationist, philanthropist, and author with more than three hundred books.

Besant first visited India in 1893 and later settled here, becoming involved in the Indian nationalist movement. In 1916 she established the Indian Home Rule League, of which she became president. She was also a leading member of the Indian National Congress. This led to her became the first women President of INC.

Until the moment of her last breathed in 1933, she laboured for India’s advancement in every sphere of activity with rare dedication.

To commemorate this great social reformer India post has issued postage stamp featuring the portrait of Annie Besant.

Image Source: Mintage World

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