First Postage Stamps of Portuguese India

01 Oct 2018  Mon

The first postage stamps of Portuguese India were issued 1 October 1871. These were issued for local use within the colony.

Along with the British both the Portuguese and the French held some territory in India. . Both of the lesser colonial powers in India issued stamps. Earlier the British Stamps with Portuguese cancellation were available at the Portuguese Post Office. However, 147 years ago, on this date the First Portuguese Stamp was issued in India.

The early issues of Portuguese India were rather plain looking stamps bearing numerals of value. The design of these first stamps simply consisted of a denomination (Reis) in the center, with an oval band containing the inscriptions "SERVIÇO POSTAL" and "INDIA PORT". The mode of production used was primitive: the stamps were hand-stamped from a single die, and so crudely perforated that they often had to be cut from their sheets with scissors.

These stamps were used locally within the colony whereas; Stamps of British India were required for overseas mail.

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