Rare 1851 1¢ Type I Benjamin Franklin Stamp to be Auctioned

29 Sep 2018  Sat

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions would be offering a used example of the rare imperforate 1851 1¢ type I Benjamin Franklin stamp with clear margins from 10th to 12th October in Danbury, Conn. Unlike the standard blue variety, the offered stamp is dark blue in colour.

Also known as 7R1E, the 1¢ type I stamp has a complete Franklin design but its framing ornaments appear only in position 7 of the right pane on the early printing of plate 1.

Less than 100 stamps of this variety exist today, many out of which are used. The stamp frame is cut in many examples as they were very close to each other on the sheet during the printing process. However, the offered coin features large margins on all sides, making it very desirable. A black New York large-slug-in-circle cancellation appears on the stamp. Except for the minor corner creases, sealed tear and thins, the stamp looks stunning with fine cantering.

The stamp comes along with a 1957 certificate from the Philatelic Foundation and a 2018 certificate from Professional Stamp Experts. The stamp has a listed market value of $67,500 and is being offered with an estimated value of $40,000 to $60,000, and an opening bid of $20,000.

Image Courtesy: Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions

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