Woman Who Won the Waters

29 Sep 2018  Sat

This is a story of an ordinary girl of an ordinary family of India. This is a story of a girl who followed a dream with dedication and became an example. This is a story of a woman who won the waters.

Born in a simple family of Bengal, Aarati Saha set an example at the very young age of 19 years. 59 years ago on this day i.e. on 29th September 1959, Aarati Saha swam across the English Channel and became the first ever Indian Woman to swim across the English Channel.

Being inspired by the achievement of Mihir Sen, Aarati Saha entered the waters of the English Channel when she was just five days away from her 19th birthday. Arati Saha swam from Cape Gris Nez in France to Sandgate on the English coast near Dover. She swam for 16 hours and 20 minutes and covered a distance of 67.60 kilometers, becoming the First Indian as well as Asian woman to do so.

Inspired by Arati's example many other Indian and Asian swimmers have attempted endurance swimming events. This amazing woman left a mark in her respective field which was an uncharted territory for women in her time.

Image Courtesy: https://www.mintageworld.com

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