Silver Rupee of Bedar Bakht

29 Sep 2018  Sat

Bedar Bakhat was the Mughal Emperor for a brief period in 1788 AD. He was allegedly put to death in 1790 by order of Shah Alam II, supposedly for usurping his authority in 1788.

Bedar Bakht issued gold, silver, and copper coins during the reign. These coins in the denomination of Mohur, Rupee, and Paisa were issued from various mints such as Ahmadabad, Muhammadabad, and Shahjahanabad.

This silver Rupee of Bedar Bakht was issued from Ahamadabad mint. The obverse of a coin inscribed with a legend ‘Zad Bar Haft Kishwara Saya Fazl Ilah Hami Deen …’ The reverse of a coin bore the mint name, Julus formula, and RY which read as ‘Zarb Ahmadabad Julus Mainamat Manus Sanah 29’.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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