Embroidered stamp of Austria

28 Sep 2018  Fri

This year, Austrian Post has issued an innovative way to promote its traditional and creative way by issuing an embroidered stamp. It illustrated an exclusive Styrian hat in green with embrioded inscription '690 Austria' below it. It is not the first embroidered stamp from this Post; in 2016 they issued a Dirndl stamp.

This hat stamp was designed by Hammerl & Voge, it is already becoming popular collectable among the stamp collectors. According to the Post, every Styrian Hat stamp takes 6,600 insertions of the needle and 33 meters of embroidery thread to make. The hat is made of special Styrian green colour taken from merino sheep’s wool came from Austrian farms and gamsbart decoration is made with two twisted black and grey thread.

Image Courtesy: wopa-plus.com

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