Gold Dinar of Taj al-Din Yildiz

28 Sep 2018  Fri

Taj al-Din Yildiz was a Turkic slave commander of Ghorids who became a Sultan of Ghori Empire after the death of Muhammad of Ghor in 1206 AD.

He issued gold, silver, and billon coins during the reign. These coins found in the denomination of Dinar, Dirham, and Jital. His billon coin depicts the Ruler's Title on its obverse while reverse of a coin features Horseman, Star, and Devanagari legend Sri Hamira.

This beautiful pale gold Dinar was issued Taj al-Din Yildiz from Ghazna or Herat mint, as 'Sultan of the East', citing overlord Muhammad bin Sam as a 'martyr'. The obverse of a coin depicts Arabic legend ‘al-Sultan al-Shaheed Muhammad bin Sam’ within a circle; date and mint in the margin. The reverse of a coin bore the Arabic legend '…al-Sultan al-Sharq (Taj) al-Dunya wa al-Din Yaldaz' within a dotted border.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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