Coins of Indo-Greek King: Strato I

28 Sep 2018  Fri

Today let’s see a beautiful Drachm of Starto I. Strato was an Indo-Greek king who was the son of the Indo-Greek queen Agathokleia, who presumably acted as his regent during his early years.

The coinage of this Indo-Greek ruler is quite unique as his earlier issues were minted to show a young bust of the King along with his mother Agathoklieia with the legend which read as "Of Saviour King Strato, and Agathokleia". Her appearance on coins seems to diminish when Strato came of age. Further, Strato I was also the only Indo-Greek king to appear bearded on coins, probably to indicate that he was no longer an infant and show portraits of the king aging from a youth to middle-aged.

The coin depicted alongside is a Silver Diademed Type drachm issued from Panjhir mint. The obverse depicts the diademed bust of bearded and middle aged king in centre looking to right. Greek legend "Basileos Epiphanous Soteros" starting at 9 o'clock reading left to right clockwise. Name of king "Stratonos" below starting at 8 o'clock reading left to right counter clockwise.

The reverse depicts Pallas standing in centre facing front with shield in raised on left arm, hurling a thunderbolt. Kharoshti legend "Maharajasa Pracachasa Tratarasa" starting at 4 o'clock reading right to left counter clockwise. Name of king "Stratasa" below starting at 5 o'clock reading right to left clockwise.

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