World Maritime Day

27 Sep 2018  Thu

Today on the 27th September the last Thursday of this month is celebrated as World Maritime Day by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This organisation is a specialized agency of United Nation’s, Imo’s responsible for the safety and security of the shipping and prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships.

This year IMO has celebrated 70 years of maritime heritage since the convention established by them! The theme adopted by them is ‘Our heritage-Better shipping for a Better Future’. This provides a vital opportunity to strengthen the ties for the future maritime transactions for the future and to strengthen the ties between countries for peaceful and prosperous maritime navigation and trade.

World Maritime Day was first held and celebrated in 1978 to mark the 20th anniversary of the IMO Convention’s entry into force. From 2005 in addition to the official Imp celebration is held in its headquarters in London.

To celebrate this day Sri Lanka Post has issued a stamp in 2015, it depicted a cargo ship and lighthouse at the left. It stamp was designed by D.G. Sudath Jayawardena.

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