Consular Poltinnik Stamp of USSR

27 Sep 2018  Thu

The first brand in the Soviet Union was released almost 100 years ago. After that, the Soviet Union left a huge number of brands, many of which have become a true rarity and is the dream of every philatelist.

Consular Poltinnik is one such rare and a legendary stamp of the USSR. This 1922 50-kopeck Russian consular tax stamp has an unusual history. It was released after the joint German-Soviet airline was formed. It was decided to print a series of postage stamps for the franking of official correspondence sent to the capital of Russia. Hence, these stamps come with “Air Post 1,200 German marks” overprint.

However, this initiative was not approved and it was ordered to remove these stamps from circulation. Thus, only 50-75 copies were issued, and each of them is very valuable. One of these pieces was purchased by a collector at a Cherrystone stamp auction.

The stamp was sold for a enormous price of $218,500 in the year 2008.

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