Central Bank of Uzbekistan Clarifies Confusion over New Notes

26 Sep 2018  Wed

Since 2017, there have been rumours about the release of a new 100,000-soum banknote in Uzbekistan. However, in a recent press conference, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan clarified that they haven’t made any decision to release new 100,000-soum banknote. The joint press conference was held between the CBU and Qishloqqurilish bank.

The Bank further stated that the country’s economy doesn’t need a new 100,000-soum banknote as of now. If the Bank thinks it’s necessary, they would release the bill. The Bank clearly dismissed these statements released by some media houses regarding the release of new 100,000-soum banknotes, as rumours.

The CBU had issued new 50,000-soum banknotes on 22nd August 2017. These are the largest denomination banknotes in the country today.

Image Courtesy: Google Image

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