“The Kantuta” Stamp of Bolivia

26 Sep 2018  Wed

The Kantuta stamp is among the set of ten stamps issued to celebrate the 100 Years Of The Republic. The stamps featured something very unique feature of the country including the politician, sports, art, flora and fauna etc.

The Kantuta stamp depicts the national flower of the country. Also known as Cantua buxifolia, Kantuta grows in the Andes Mountains, and was considered a sacred flower by the Incas. It is the national flower of Peru, and one of two national flowers of Bolivia. The tubular flowers are small and delicate, and bloom in the spring.

The flower bloom with three colours of red, yellow, green which are the colours of the Bolivian Flag. Hence, it got an honour of being evicted on one of the important issue of the country. The stamp features a branch of the shrub laden with flowers.

The stamp is inscribed with “BOLIVIA” flaked with 1825 and 1925 and “CENTENARIO DE LA REPUBLICA”.

Image Courtesy: https://3.bp.blogspot.com

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