Coin of Ala al-Din Masud Shah

26 Sep 2018  Wed

Ala al-Din Masud Shah was a seventh Sultan to rule the Mamluk Dynasty (Slave dynasty), holding the position for almost 4years from1242 to 1246 AD. Masud Shah was offered the throne on the condition that he would delegate all his powers to ‘the forty’ and remain the Sultan only in name.

He issued gold, silver and Billon coins in the denomination of Billon and Jital. Gold and silver coins were issued from Lakhnauti and Dehli mint while billon coins were struck from both Budayun and Dehli.

Depicted here is a silver Tanka of Ala al-Din Masud Shah which issued from Hadrat Delhi mint. The obverse of a coin bears the Persian legend ‘ Al Sultan Al Azam Ala Al Dunya Wa'L Din Abu'L Muzaffar Masud Shah Ibn Al Sultan’. The reverse of a coin bore the legend ‘Fi Ahad Al Imam Al Muntasir Billah Amir-ul-Mominin’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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